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There are many reasons to find yourself in the market for commercial real estate in Charlotte NC. You may have outgrown your current location, or it is lease renewal time and you feel like you can find a better deal. Perhaps your business has grown to the point that the obvious next step is to purchase your own property.

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What our clients are saying

Joe Haug
Joe Haug
Brian has successfully helped us lease new space for our business on multiple occasions. Pleasure to work with!
Marlowe Parker
Marlowe Parker
Brian has been great to work with. Thank you for all the help you and Regent Commercial has provided throughout this process.
Very informative and helpful regarding the possible sale of my property! Looking forward to working with Brian in the near future.
I haven’t done business with regent however I have had a chance to reach out to them to ask questions multiple times and despite not making a penny off speaking with me they have continued to guide me in the right direction any time I call. Thank you for your help
You only get one chance to make a first impression and Brian certainly does.Just started to get to know Brian today and that first impression – responsiveness and professionalism! Looking forward to developing a true working relation with Brian and Regent.Bill Woodruff – Ravenhurst Associates
Brian is an excellent resource for all things commercial real estate. He's very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I enjoy working with him and appreciate his partnership.
nghia ly
nghia ly
Brian was a fantastic broker! He helped me throughout the entire process of buying a property and was extremely responsive. I look forward to working with him in the future.
If you’re looking for a commercial Real Estate Agent then this is who you should use. Professional and knows the commercial real estate market.
Massie Flippin
Massie Flippin
Working with Brian was a pleasure. He was fair and direct, setting expectations for everyone. He did a great job of negotiating a fair deal for everyone.
Dale Loftis
Dale Loftis
I know Brian Smith with Regent Commercial real estate to be a terrific agent. I’ve sent numerous clients his way needing commercial assistance and his work has proven to be timely, professional and nothing but the best!
Michael Belk
Michael Belk
We have a great relationship with Brian.
Casey Goodrich
Casey Goodrich
Brian Smith is professional and personable. He is eager to go the extra mile with no concern for personal gain.
Chip Pennell
Chip Pennell
Brian Smith is an excellent commercial real estate broker. He is very professional and knowledgeable and takes great care of his clients. I highly recommend using Brian for any commercial real estate needs.
Andrew H
Andrew H
Brian Smith is an excellent commercial real estate professional. I highly recommend him for commercial real estate needs in Charlotte, NC!
Don Andrews
Don Andrews
I just want to share my positive experience working with Brian Smith with Regent Commercial Real Estate. As someone who is new to commercial real estate, I appreciated how he took the time to understand my needs and goals. He was always available to answer questions and provide guidance, no matter what time of day. His knowledge of the local market is invaluable, and he helped me sift through the many options available for my business. I recommend him without hesitation and hope to work with him on future transactions.
Harrison Butler
Harrison Butler
Spoke with Brian Smith and he was very friendly, super helpful, and willing to answer any and all questions I had!
I highly recommend Regent Commercial Real Estate. Brian Smith is honest, trustworthy and works in his clients’ best interest. It’s always a pleasure and seamless process with Regent commercial real estate.
Garrett Mrzlak
Garrett Mrzlak
Brian was punctual and professional while helping us find additional warehousing space. He coordinated several tours and kept us informed about the market every step of the way. I highly recommend Regent Commercial Real Estate.
Nick Quigley
Nick Quigley
I met Brian Smith about 3 weeks ago through a mutual contact as I practice commercial real estate in a different market. He has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Very responsive, team player, and he understands his market very well. If you're ever looking for assistance with your commercial real estate needs in the Charlotte market Brian is the broker you should reach out to.
bruce voorheis
bruce voorheis
In all my work with Brian as an owner rep/tenant rep for his clients I have been very impressed with his knowledge of our real estate market, professionalism, critical thinking and integrity. He’s always consumed in his client’s best interests and their special needs.
Gwen Hotchkiss
Gwen Hotchkiss
My experience here has been one for the books, in a good way! The quality of service and professionalism definitely surpassed my expectations. The leasing process was also superb and efficient. Both Brian Smith and Brian Tross were rock stars in making sure the office space I leased was tailored to fit my business needs and liking. I am extremely satisfied with their service.
I highly recommend Brian for anyone looking to buy or lease commercial real estate. Very knowledgeable about real estate market.
Janice Wilson
Janice Wilson
Thank you Brain Smith for giving me the much needed information I need, for my commercial real estate client.
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City plan of Charlotte, NC: hire an experienced SIOR Certified broker Brian Smith to assist in finding the perfect spot for your business

Explore the Finest Commercial Real Estate in Charlotte, NC

We can help you find a new location for your growing business, secure a better deal if it’s lease renewal time, or buy commercial property to solidify your presence in Charlotte, NC. Whether you’re seeking premium office spaces or prime retail locations, our experts are ready to present the best options tailored to your needs. We provide insightful expertise and strategic advice to turn this overwhelming process into a straightforward journey. Let us help you find lucrative opportunities in Charlotte’s thriving commercial real estate market by scheduling a call today!

Whatever Your Reason

Regent has the answers. Our job is to take the stress out of commercial real estate. Whether you need to lease or purchase, the Regent team will make the process go smoother. With over 10 years experience in the Charlotte Metro market we have our finger on the pulse of the newest locations, the hottest areas and the best deals on the market.

Commercial Real Estate Charlotte NC

Time to Move?

Commercial Real Estate Charlotte NC

Time to Buy?

Commercial Real Estate Charlotte NC

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No Obligation

There is absolutely no financial cost to you, the tenant. Regent’s commission will be paid by the landlord on your behalf. We will find the properties and contact you only when it is time to review our findings or show you the properties, leaving you free to do what you do best, run your business.

Commercial Real Estate Charlotte NC
Group of experts in a meeting: what is the best strategy for your commercial real estate business needs in Charlotte, NC?


Our Specialists

Our commercial real estate specialists can offer solutions for you regardless if you are leasing or buying. Looking for investment properties, or simply looking for a quick consultation? Regent Commercial Real Estate has the expertise to make your commercial property needs a reality. We are Licensed in North & South Carolina.

Invest in Your Business’s Future With Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Commercial real estate in Charlotte, NC, boasts a unique blend of traditional charm and modern design. These features make it ideal for various industries, business sizes, and investors. Diverse offerings like vibrant retail locations, modern industrial spaces, expansive warehouses, and first-class office space make Charlotte the perfect place to fuel your entrepreneurial vision. Ready to find your next commercial property? See what Charlotte, NC has to offer below.

A historic South End boutique in Charlotte, NC, commercial real estate market

Increase Foot Traffic With Retail Spaces for Sale in the Heart of Charlotte, NC

Your current retail location may not attract the foot traffic necessary for your business to thrive. Strategically-located retail spaces centered in Charlotte open up opportunities for your business to evolve and prosper. We can help you find retail space that defines your brand and separates you from the competition.

Whether you envision your enterprise in a boutique, cafe, or restaurant, Charlotte’s commercial real estate market embraces all business types. Charlotte’s architectural portfolio consists of historic buildings and contemporary structures, providing various options to reflect your brand aesthetic. With your business positioned in Charlotte’s lively urban hub, you can draw in a diverse crowd and benefit from a constant buzz of activity.

Enhance Your Operations With Industrial Spaces for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Finding an industrial space that’s adaptable to your unique business operations can be a challenging endeavor. We can provide strategic advice to help you find a suitable industrial space in Charlotte’s commercial real estate market. It’s a thriving hub for energy, logistics, research & development, and manufacturing.

Industrial spaces in Charlotte, NC, consist of dynamic facilities designed to optimize efficiency, provide room for expansion and allow restructuring as your operations evolve. Whether it’s loading docks to streamline your logistics, high ceilings for extensive storage, or vast parking areas for convenience, the opportunities for customization are as expansive as the industrial spaces themselves.

Location is also a critical factor that can impact your company’s logistics. Charlotte’s industrial spaces are located near vital transport links, providing easy access to suppliers and customers. Buying an industrial property in Charlotte, NC, allows you to streamline operations, strengthen your supply chain, and enhance overall productivity.

Industrial space - warehouse: find a commercial real estate that’s adaptable to your unique business operations with the help of Brian Smith, SIOR
Charlotte’s warehouses offer prime locations for streamlined logistics and efficient operations. Find a perfect one with a help of SIOR certified realtor Brian Smith

Expand Your Business With Warehouses for Sale in Charlotte, NC

The high cost of warehouse rentals may eat into your profits, making ownership more attractive. It may be time to unlock new horizons for your business with the diverse range of commercial warehouses for sale in Charlotte, NC.

Centered in one of the country’s most dynamic commercial hubs, Charlotte’s warehouses offer prime locations for streamlined logistics and efficient operations. Unlike traditional industrial spaces, commercial warehouses present specialized qualities tailored for storage, distribution, fulfillment, and e-commerce.

Beyond the essential functionality, these commercial warehouses offer flexibility for customization. This allows you to tailor your space to align with your business model and operations. Coupled with Charlotte’s strong economy and thriving market scene, buying a commercial warehouse becomes a stepping stone toward achieving your expansion goals.

Elevate Your Corporate Identity With Office Space for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Immerse your business in the fast-growing corporate landscape of Charlotte, NC, with our top-tier commercial office spaces. Charlotte’s office spaces boast unique features designed to amplify your corporate identity and foster an inspiring working environment.

From startups looking for their first physical location to corporations seeking expansion, commercial office space in Charlotte can cater to your needs and ambitions. Charlotte’s devotion to sustainability ensures that many office spaces possess the coveted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications or feature eco-friendly designs.

The city’s authentic Southern hospitality provides a welcoming ambiance to complement the prospering business environment. Clients and employees alike will relish the warmth and charm of Charlotte, NC, crafting an inviting atmosphere for your investment. Make a move that symbolizes your ambition and desire to reach the next level by buying commercial office space in Charlotte, NC.

Startup's open floor office space in Charlotte, NC: Brian Smith, SIOR, CCIM, is dedicated to find the best value for your needs
Skyscrapers with reflecting walls in modern megapolis: real estate is still a safe investment. Find a perfect option with a SIOR certified realtor

Diversify Your Wealth With Alternative Commercial Real Estate Investments in Charlotte, NC

Embrace a world of rich potential with alternative investments in Charlotte’s commercial real estate market. These investment options add variety to your portfolio and can offer robust returns to secure a prosperous financial future:

  • MULTI-FAMILY HOMES: Multi-family homes in Charlotte, NC, are a solid investment. They offer steady income streams supported by a constant demand for housing in the city’s growing population.
  • LAND FOR SALE: Seize the chance to shape your future success by purchasing land for sale in Charlotte, NC. This opportunity allows you to customize your investment as the city grows.
  • MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDINGS: In an era of expanding healthcare needs, investing in medical office buildings in Charlotte, NC, offers a resilient income source backed by long-term leases and a stable tenant base.
  • HOTELS: Capitalize on Charlotte’s thriving tourism and business travel sectors by investing in hotels. This dynamic commercial real estate asset promises high returns and exciting growth potential.

Meet Brian Smith, SIOR & CCIM: Your Guide to Charlotte’s Commercial Real Estate Market

As a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and a holder of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) designation, Brian leverages his extensive knowledge and unique credentials to guide you through Charlotte’s commercial real estate landscape. With an MBA from Duke University and a BA from Auburn University, Brian couples his formidable academic background with his passion for commercial real estate.

Brian’s SIOR membership is an honor bestowed only upon select commercial real estate professionals who’ve showcased years of experience, financial success, professional endorsement, and comprehensive education. Along with this SIOR designation, Brian is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), giving him a deeper understanding of commercial investment opportunities. He’s a commercial realtor at the peak of his profession who has excelled in meeting the rigorous requirements of these prestigious achievements.

Brian’s understanding of commercial real estate in Charlotte, NC, is comprehensive, spanning from leasing and buying properties to project and asset management. His track record boasts nearly 1,000 successful lease and sales transactions. But what makes him truly remarkable is his ability to continuously bring added value to each transaction while ensuring you feel valued, understood, and satisfied throughout your journey. At his core, Brian is a family man who deeply cherishes relationships, reflecting this in his commitment to each of his clients.

Experience a Personalized Commercial Real Estate Journey

Embarking on a journey to secure commercial real estate or office space in Charlotte, NC, can be filled with numerous choices and tough decisions. We simplify the process by conducting a detailed market analysis to understand your business and the environment it’s most likely to prosper. This process helps us identify and shortlist ideal locations to make your decisions easier.

We coordinate property tours, provide strategic guidance, and tailor our services to ensure you find the perfect commercial property or office space for your business. Once the ideal location catches your eye, we put our negotiation expertise to work. Our goal is to secure the best possible terms that maximize the return on your investment.

After the deal is inked, we facilitate a seamless transition into your new space and provide support at every juncture to ensure a hassle-free experience. This crucial transition phase doesn’t have to be stressful. With Regent CRE at your side, it won’t be.

We Provide Commercial Real Estate Services With No Obligation

Do you feel pressured by other realtors into signing agreements without fully understanding your commercial real estate needs? With Regent CRE, you can embark on this journey without pressure or obligation. We believe securing the ideal commercial location or office space should be enjoyable and stress-free.

Our focus is solely on your needs and ambitions. Whether you’re just feeling out the commercial real estate market in Charlotte or primed to make a definitive move, our team is at your service. We provide unwavering support without undue pressure or commitment to make your commercial real estate journey a pleasant experience.

Should You Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate in Charlotte, NC?

Leasing or buying commercial property in Charlotte, NC, can present a formidable challenge. Each choice carries implications that directly impact your business and financial trajectory. As your dedicated guide in the Charlotte, NC, commercial real estate market, Regent CRE is committed to simplifying this complex question for you.

Our experts will carefully evaluate both alternatives, outlining the benefits and considerations of each path. This approach lets you make an informed decision that optimally aligns with your strategic objectives. So let’s unpack the specifics:

Buying commercial real estate in Charlotte, NC, brings many potential benefits but also presents certain drawbacks. One of the key benefits of buying commercial real estate is that it often yields a considerable financial return over time. The increase in the property's value over time can boost your financial standing and grow the value of your business.

However, buying commercial real estate has its share of challenges. The most evident among these is the sizable upfront payment. As a commercial property owner, you are also responsible for maintenance, repair, and renovation costs. These expenses can mount over time and place a strain on your finances.

Lastly, buying commercial property ties you to a long-term commitment. If you decide to sell, finding a suitable buyer could be time-consuming. Our expertise in buying commercial real estate empowers you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you and your business.

Determining the best path for your business's physical location can be challenging. The cost and convenience of leasing commercial real estate in Charlotte can present a complex equation. With the proper guidance, you can find the perfect balance that suits your business's needs.

Leasing commercial real estate provides flexibility, which can be a huge advantage for businesses on the path to growth. With leasing, you don't have to tie a substantial amount of your capital into property ownership. The freedom to move locations as your business expands can be invaluable.

However, it's essential to consider that the long-term costs of leasing commercial property could exceed the expenses of owning a property over time. While the upfront leasing costs may be lower, the cumulative expense should be considered. Regular lease payments without an equity return can add up. Considering both cost and convenience is crucial when deciding to lease commercial real estate in Charlotte, NC.

Our personalized services simplify this complex process to ensure that leasing commercial real estate aligns with your business goals, financial considerations, and long-term growth strategies.

Accelerate Your Business Growth in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Charlotte, NC—a city surging with energy and innovation. Known for its dynamic economic environment and vibrant business community, Charlotte provides the perfect blend of resources, talent, and opportunities. Here’s how Charlotte can turbocharge your business’s growth.

North Carolina map with a push pin in Charlotte: leave your mark in Charlotte's commercial real estate
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) at night - view towards city skyline, rich with commercial real estate opportunities

Capitalize on Charlotte, NC’s Strong Economy

Finding the right city to position your business can be challenging, with numerous factors such as economic health, market diversity, and business climate to consider. At the heart of Charlotte, NC, thrives a robust and diversified economy anchored by thriving sectors like finance, energy, healthcare, and transportation. Charlotte serves as a fertile ground for businesses to grow and prosper.

An investment in this city is a strategic business decision that propels you forward into the realm of economic resilience. With multiple industries finding their success here, your business can tap into the growing economy, establish strategic connections, and foster beneficial partnerships. Buying commercial real estate in Charlotte, NC, also translates to strategic positioning that places your business at the heart of economic opportunities.

Charlotte’s Strategic Location Gives You Access to Major Eastern Cities

Choosing the right location for your business is crucial, especially when aiming for a broad reach across the East Coast’s major cities. Charlotte’s strategic position provides access to economic hubs like New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. This geographical advantage empowers your business to connect with diverse markets, customers, and business opportunities.

Charlotte’s transportation infrastructure enhances its strategic location. It boasts a state-of-the-art airport, extensive road networks, and reliable freight lines. This makes the movement of goods and services seamless and efficient. Whether shipping products, traveling for meetings, or receiving clients, Charlotte’s connectivity takes the hassle out of travel and can lift your business to greater heights.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, offering easy access to major cities for Charlotte, NC, commercial real estate investors
Charlotte, NC financial skyscrapers: welcoming commercial real estate clients. Choosing Brian Smith, SIOR as your broker

Maximize Business Opportunities in Charlotte, NC’s Growing Population

Running a business in a stagnant market can limit your growth potential. That’s not a concern in Charlotte, NC. The population is not just growing but thriving. This city is vibrant, with diverse individuals ranging from young professionals to retirees to offer you a varied customer base for your enterprise. Buying or leasing commercial real estate in Charlotte can help you tap into this dynamic demographic and unlock this booming population’s endless possibilities.

With all these opportunities, it can be overwhelming to understand how best to utilize them. We help you maximize the benefits of Charlotte’s flourishing populace. Our expertise in Charlotte’s office space and commercial real estate market enables you to select the ideal location that captures the city’s energetic vibe and demographic hotspots. Our strategic approach lets you connect with more customers, enhance visibility, and fuel your business growth in the expanding Charlotte market.

Increase Profit Potential With Charlotte’s Locale Variety

Operating in a business landscape of similar locales can limit the range of your company’s reach. Charlotte, NC, offers a solution to this challenge with its diverse locations. From the Uptown district’s vibrant mix of businesses and entertainment to South End’s creative and innovative atmosphere, Charlotte’s various locales open doors to distinct markets.

Moving your business to a commercial property or office space in one part of Charlotte doesn’t restrict you to a single demographic or consumer behavior. With Charlotte’s interconnected districts and easy accessibility, your business can reap the benefits of reaching a diverse customer base. The unique blend of Charlotte’s locale variety acts as a catalyst, amplifying your reach and maximizing profit potential.

New business owners renting their commercial real estate. Brian Smith, SIOR Certified realtor, can help you secure the perfect location
Charlotte, NC cityscape showing high rise commercial real estate buildings

Charlotte’s Pro-Business Environment Offers a Clear Path to Success

Finding the ideal business environment that promotes growth without unnecessary hurdles can be tough in some markets. Charlotte, NC, offers a business landscape tailored for your success. With a local government offering supportive regulations, entrepreneurs and existing businesses can focus more on innovation and less on red tape. When you combine Charlotte’s thriving business environment with financial incentives and a wealth of resources, it becomes an optimal destination for your business to find success.

You’ll also find a collaborative spirit in Charlotte, NC, often missing in other cities. The city’s vast networks of business leaders, local organizations, and support systems offer unmatched opportunities for partnerships, mentorships, and growth. These factors culminate in a pro-business environment that truly paves a clear path to success for your venture in Charlotte, NC.

Commercial Real Estate Areas We Serve in Charlotte, NC

At Regent CRE, we specialize in serving a broad range of areas throughout the city and beyond. We leverage our expertise to help your business find the perfect commercial property or office space that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Charlotte’s robust economy, strategic location, burgeoning population, and vibrant business community make it an ideal city for commercial investment. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our top picks:

  • BALLANTYNE: The Ballantyne, NC, commercial real estate market is known for its luxury shopping and dining options.
  • UPTOWN: The heart of Charlotte’s downtown business district, offering a vibrant atmosphere.
  • STEELE CREEK: The Steele Creek, NC, commercial real estate scene offers a growing suburban area with plenty of open space, affordable real estate, and a strong sense of community.
  • MIDTOWN: A bustling neighborhood home to residential, office space, and commercial property.
  • SOUTH END: This area presents a vibrant and fashionable market with trendy restaurants, craft breweries, and art galleries.
  • PLAZA-MIDWOOD: A diverse neighborhood known for its vintage shops, murals, and community events.

Commercial Real Estate Areas We Serve Beyond Charlotte, NC

Ready to spread your wings and expand beyond the Charlotte, NC, commercial real estate market? We can help you discover prime commercial locations or office space to promote your business expansion. Here are some options for you:

Empower Your Business With the Right Commercial Space in Charlotte, NC


Launching a business or venturing into a fresh commercial space might feel challenging with the vast array of choices and crucial decisions that lie ahead. Regent CRE promises to simplify this process by guiding you through each intricate detail of Charlotte’s commercial real estate landscape.

With the valuable insights of our seasoned SIOR real estate broker Brian Smith at your disposal, we pledge to assist you in finding the perfect property that mirrors your distinct needs. Let’s embark on this exciting journey through Charlotte’s commercial real estate market together and turn your business ambitions into a tangible reality.